Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My First Web Article has been posted!!

Okay... so maybe I don't know what I'm going to actually earn from this but... My first web article has been posted as a Yahoo! contributor.   It was an "assignment" and maybe not the most interesting piece but it's online!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good news

I received a full refund (finally) from the online company I had originally tried. But only after one rude phone call to me, and multiple calls from me trying to cancel.  Turns out the company isn't even based in the U.S. Doesn't list an 800 number on their web site. And, only had a foreign number included on their PayPal invoice.  I had the documents from PayPal to file a dispute. The refund came in just before I followed through.  Oy!!

Meanwhile... I've earned my first few pennies (literally, pennies) from my blog. And have submitted my first article for review. We'll see how that goes.

Since I haven't dedicated any real time into this yet a few pennies ain't bad.  I'm going to give it a little more effort soon.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marketing your talents

While I'm in the process of learning how to market my writing skills, there are are places to market your goods (eBay and Craig's List for example) and crafts. But if you have artistic talents, ETSY is where you want to go.  I have opened a shop on ETSY to market my fiber arts, yarns and illustrations.  I've got my first five items posted... 

Check out my ETSY shop at
Show above, a handwoven 78"x36" triangle shawl made from 100% llama.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Another downside to being on your own are the self-employment taxes. They seemed to be getting worse... that, or my accountant is working on commission for the IRS.  I'm going to do some browsing. If I can find a good link about self-employment taxes I'll post it here.  Ugh!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Still working on the refund

Okay... well I got some of my money back... still working on the rest. Turns out I was dealing with two different companies. The one I'm having trouble with is an affiliate. If any of you consider signing up with Dotcom Internet Marketing (or ... DON'T!

Meanwhile, I've been learning all sorts of good things on blogging, article writing and marketing.  Hope something will pay off soon.  Fingers crossed.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cyber Experiment

My name is Paige McGrath and I have been self-employed my entire adult life. In the "real world" I publish a magazine, raise llamas and goats and freelance in graphic design and illustration. After a series of unfortunate financial challenges I have found myself in search of new ways to make additional income. Living paycheck to paycheck takes on a whole new meaning when you're the one writing the checks...

I thought to myself, "I can type. I can web browse. I can write... Surely, there is something I can do online to earn some extra income."

There's no shortage of ads online for "get rich quick" schemes. All promising you can make money from home. I clicked on a few and nothing appeared to be as it promised. I finally signed up for one that promised big earnings at no cost. Sure, the entry level was free but, every step of the way they asked for more money to "improve" my results. "Boost!" "Expand!" "Go Pro!" "Earn income in just hours."  I quickly realized the testimonies were bogus, the photos repeated with different names attached and, the products were worthless. I wondered if this was even legal. But, they promised a full refund if I wasn't satisfied so I kept wading in a little deeper. A week later not the first penny was made...  I have requested my refund and am still awaiting a reply.

Not to be discouraged, I returned to my search for online employment and I came across a company that seems to pass the sniff test. Yes, I had to pay a small enrollment but, they promised no additional fees. And, they have held to that promise!  The tutorials are extensive and professional. They prepare you for multiple ways to earn income online and walk you through every step. A money-back guarantee is offered but I have no intention of requesting one.  I have learned so much through their tutorials.

So here I am... starting my cyber experiment and I'm going to blog the results!

Learn more about the company I found by clicking HERE.
Check back to follow my progress and see what else I can find.